Entrepreneurship, voluntarism, mentorship, community building – these are words that describe who I am. They are also the words that will help us build the PC Party of Ontario we need to succeed.
I have worked over a decade as an entrepreneur – in Business Intelligence, Analytics, Digital Transformation, Design Thinking and IT services and for a variety of companies including some in the Fortune 500. Whether my business was working for BlackBerry, Suncor, Canada Post, The Home Depot or Deloitte, I always thought of new and innovative ways to improve what was being done.
Will I use the same approach if elected as 7th Vice President for the PC Party of Ontario? Yes. That’s why my campaign is for the members. If we see our members and those who operate riding associations as leaders who are laying the groundwork for winning election campaigns, we will win in 2022.
While I am encouraged by Canada’s Conservative leaders, what motivates me is the next generation. My children – 8-year-old Isaac and 3-year-old Sarah – are those about whom I think the most when I ask why I am in politics